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New XiL Max2/ZLL SG906 MAX2 BEAST 3E 5G WIFI 4KM FPV GPS with 4K EIS Camera 3-Axis Gimbal 5000mAh 30mins Brushless RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

New XiL Max2/ZLL SG906 MAX2 BEAST 3E 5G WIFI 4KM FPV GPS with 4K EIS Camera 3-Axis Gimbal 5000mAh 30mins Brushless RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

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Three years ago, ZLL (ex ZLRC) announced their first-generation Beast drone. Since then, the company announced new upgraded versions every year. ZLL SG906 MAX2 aka Beast 3 now gets a completely new transmission system that promises a range of up to 4Km and a pro-grade 4K camera with a 1/3.2″ image sensor and an Ambarella image processor.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home (RTH) function, in case of remote controller signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the aircraft will return autonomously to the take-off point. The ZLL BEAST 3E is compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning systems. The ZLRC Beast3E SG906 MAX2 offers lots of smart flight modes including intelligent tracking.

Flight time-wise, the BEAST 3E has been also upgraded compared to its predecessor the SG906 Pro 2. Thanks to the higher capacity battery pack (5000mAh vs 3400mAh) the Beast 3E has up to 30 minutes of flight time, which is 4 minutes longer compared to the older models. It has a top speed of 28mp/h or 45km/h and a level 6 wind resistance.

With folded arms, the ZLL SG906 MAX2 measures 174×84x70mm and weighs 651grams including the obstacle avoidance module and flight battery, so you’ll have to register it with the FAA. 


  1. Folding backpack friendly design.

  2. 1806 type 1700KV brushless motors.

  3. 360° Obstacle avoidance system.

  4. Dual-satellite positioning(GPS+GLONASS).

  5. New transmission technology with a repeater that provides up to 4000km range.

  6. 4K EIS camera with 3-axis gimbal, Ambarella CPU, and 1/3.2″ image sensor.

  7. @30fps and up to 60Mbps video recording (Up to 256GB SDHC/SDXC UHS-I Speed Grade 1 or UHS-I Speed Grade 3 micro SD card required).

  8. Emergency fail-safe return to home(Low battery or RC signal loss).

  9. Smart flight modes(Intelligent follow, Surround flight, Way-point flight, and Trajectory pointing flight);

  10. A high-capacity battery(7.6V 5000mAh) that provides up to 30mins of flight time.


    • Model: XiL Max2/ZLL SG906 MAX2(BEAST 3E).

    • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh/30mins.

    • Charging Time: Approx. 8 hours.

    • Battery Weight: 205g

    • Image Sensor: 1/3.2in.

    • Pixel: 4K HD Camera.

    • Image Transmission: 5G WIFI+Repeater Strong Signal.

    • Gimbal: 3-Axis EIS.

    • Gimbal Angle(Adjustment Angle Range): 110° automatic restores(Vertical), 65° automatic restores(Sideways), 45° automatic restores(Horizontal).

    • WIFI Image Transmission Distance: 4km.

    • Video Resolution(Front Camera): 2048x1080(TF), 1920x1080P(APP).

    • Picture Resolution(Front Camera): 3840x2160P(TF), 3840x2160P(APP).

    • Video Resolution(Down-Looking Camera): 1280x720P.

    • Picture Resolution(Down-Looking Camera): 1280x720P.

    • Main Camera Video Stream: 60Mbps Maximum.

    • Frame Rate: 30FPS.

    • Control Range: 4km.

    • Cruising Mileage: 8km Maximum.

    • Wind Resistance: Level 6 Maximum.

    • Service Ceiling: 450m Maximum.

    • Maximum Speed: 45km/h.

    • Product Size: 174x84x70mm(Folded), 283x253x70mm(Unfolded).

    • Product Wight: 651g(Obstacle Avoider Included).

    Package Included

    1. SG906 MAX 2/XiL MAX 2 RC Quadcopter x 1

    2. Remote Controller x 1

    3. 7.6V 5000mAh Lipo Battery x 1

    4. Spare Propellers x 4

    5. USB Charging Cable x 1

    6. Screwdriver x 1

    7. Remote Control Stick x 2

    8. Spare Screw x 8

    9. Obstacle Avoider(Optional) x 1

    10. Obstacle Avoidance Hole Upper Cover x 1

    11. User Manual x 1

    12. Carrying Case x 1

    Please Note: This drone can be also found under “XiL MAX 2” product name. It is identical to the original MAX2.


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