Return & Warranty

Return & Warranty

Q1. My product has a problem! What can I do for it?

What to do in 3 steps:

Step 1: Try to troubleshoot the item by checking the manual we provide in the package. We usually will resolve the problem without needing you to send anything back. In many cases the product seems to have a problem, but it can be resolved by restarting, resetting, installing properly, or fixing an accessory.

Step 2: If you still have difficulties with your item especially for complicated products, we will recommend that you get the product installed or inspected by a qualified technician to confirm that it is faulty rather than incorrectly installed.

Step 3: Once you have confirmed the product is faulty after steps 1 and 2, you should contact us. Please provide your order number and the product code and clarify with us about all the steps you have tried to remedy this issue. We will review your case to allow a return under warranty. If the product doesn't work, we'll help you send it back to our returns address.

Q2. What If the Product is Broken?

If any product is faulty, you are protected under the our warranty.

  1. Assuming the product is still in warranty and is not physically damaged, you can return it to and we will repair it.

  2. All return cases are handled under our RMA policy. Please consult customer support and do not send back any product without obtaining an assigned RMA case number from us.

  3. Please check the Return & Warranty for details.

Q3. What is a RMA authorization?

RMA: Return Merchandize Authorization. It is an authorization we issue to our customers to proceed their after-sales service procedures. It will be released to customers in a PDF format via email and customers should print it out and send it back together with the faulty products to 

Q4. How to apply for a return (RMA) or after-sales services ?

You can request a return by applying for an RMA  once the order is delivered. Please refer to the specific warranty time-frame for your product.

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