New Faith 2S 3-Axis Gimbal Drone with 4K Video Photo Ambarella SONY Camera

It is time to get your first 3-Axis Gimbal Drone! Drones without gimbal (stabilizer) can be only regarded as toys. The new Faith 2S drone carries 4K Ambarella SONY camera and 3-axis gimbal will bring you ultra-stable picture and videos. Time to equip yourself and your family with a real camera drone!

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Modern Triangle LED Desk Clock

A modern simplicity design with no buttons or plastic parts located on the front and four sides of the clock. LED light glows through the wooden finish for a clean modern look. Matches perfectly with any modern designed office or home furniture. It is a sleek, stylish and modern way to keep track of your time and will give any room the super modern look you've been searching for. 

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Smart Night Light

With motion-activated sensors, this lovely little night light helps you find your way in the darkness. The units attach to all wall surfaces with a magnetic mount and up to 10 can be linked together to safely illuminate your home. Sensors detect motion from up to 16-feet away, to keep you on course with your toes intact. 100 days super long battery life with only 1 hour charging. 

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Tactical Multi-Functional Emergency Trauma Shears

The Raptor tactical folding rescue shears not only cater to a wide range of cuts, but can also open beer bottles, unscrew screws, and measure the size and specifications of some objects. As an emergency tool, the rescue shears can help you easily break glass or cut car seat belts, etc. in an emergency situation.

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  • Sacred Vermilion Bird

    -- Small: 180x197mm, 150g, 100pcs.

    -- Medium: 260x284mm, 250g, 200pcs.

    -- Large: 384x420mm, 450g, 300pcs.

  • Sacred Azure Dragon

    -- Small: 160x265mm, 200g, 100pcs.

    -- Medium: 200x331mm, 250g, 200pcs.

    -- Large: 245x406mm, 450g, 300pcs.

  • Wolf King

    -- Small: 167x210mm, 150g, 100pcs.

    -- Medium: 230x300mm, 250g, 200pcs.

    -- Large: 300x380mm, 450g, 300pcs.

  • Lion

    -- Small: 160x195mm, 150g, 109pcs.

    -- Medium: 240x293mm, 250g, 212pcs.

    -- Large: 300x366mm, 450g, 310pcs.

  • Crown Elephant

    -- Small: 180x193mm, 150g, 100pcs.

    -- Medium: 260x278mm, 250g, 200pcs.

    -- Large: 380x407mm, 450g, 300pcs.

  • Night Owl

    -- Small: 160x263mm, 200g, 100pcs.

    -- Medium: 200x329mm, 250g, 200pcs.

    -- Large: 245x403mm, 450g, 300pcs.